by Mail Thief

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released January 7, 2016

Alec Jackson- Guitar/Vox
Nate Patsfall- Drums/Vox

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Nate Patsfall (Artifact Audio)
Additional engineering by Matt Hipp
Art by Nick Giordano
Logo by Dean Forsythe II

Cassettes available via Aggressive Rhythm; link in side bar!

Recorded in Fall/Winter 2015



all rights reserved


Mail Thief Boston, Massachusetts

You're not getting your mail back!

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Track Name: Modified Gaze
You've been outed.
You wear different clothes.
Such a bummer,
ripped the spoon from your mouth.

Pushing and pushing your shitty ideals,
discomfort repulsion; you make people feel
unwelcome excluded, far from home.

You've been outed,
you garbage human being.
Track Name: The Pace
I try, but can't think clearly.
You cry, but never know what to say.
I can't ever keep up with you.
You say that's just fine.
Don't leave me in the dust.

Can't keep up, just give up.
Too late now, you're in this.
Don't know if I can live with this.
Do more, slow down.

It's been a year and a half.
I can't quite pin it down.
I haven't figured it out.
Can't figure it out.

Can I wear your clothes.
Can I drive in your hot car.
Can I sleep underneath your bed,
if I'm too tired to drive.

I've learned a lot from you.
I want to get out.
Rip my nerves in half.
Feel like I need your blessing.

Don't get it twisted.
You're the shit.
Don't get it twisted.
You're the shit.
Track Name: You're Losing
So you want me to care?
You don't know what this means to me.
You say you want me to care?
This talking feels like pulling teeth.
You're ripping out your hair,
that doesn't look good to me.
Why don't you scale your reaction appropriately?

Just because my dispositions flat doesn't mean that I don't feel the
packing pushing massive weight of stress that over time congeals.
Even then I find it hard to justify the rage that you take out on everyone
just to help subside your pain.
What about my pain?
Track Name: Secret Thresher
Lost outside my head,
can't find my way back in.

50 yards away I stand staring through me.
You're here, I'm here, but something's missing,
and it's me.
I'm not here,
wish I was here.